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Minecraft is a Sandbox video game made by Markus “Notch” Persson. He is a famous Swedish game developer. Currently, Minecraft is one of the most famous multiplayer game in the world. It has over 10 million users worldwide. Mostly Users are in U.S.A. United Kingdom and Asia and most of them have paid for a free minecraft account. The minecraft community is mostly kids and teenage people building their creativity in pixels but every age group like this game and love to play this addictive game, and you will also fall in love with this. Luckily for you – you don’t have to pay a single dollar for upto 5 free minecraft accounts. So, What are you waiting for? Create your own minecraft accounts today…

A lot of us like to play games on a regular basis and some of us haven’t played minecraft yet but have heard a lot of say that it is a fun game to play with all of your friends and family. One problem that you may run into is that you don’t have a minecraft account and don’t have the money right now to afford one. So as a result you’re forced to go look for a minecraft free account. We have been in the same situation as you. It becomes difficult and nearly impossible to find a website or person who will give you a free accounts that really works. So, here we come to help.

What Is Minecraft?

free minecraft accountMinecraft really is a fun game to play, to me it reminds a little bit of old times, Nintendo games like Super Mario in its simplicity, but in the other hand there are a lots of possibilities You can do in minecraft, You are like god, You can create basically everything, build massive building, massive systems, elevators and what not. The possibilities really are endless, I think that almost everyone has played this game at least once, because it is kinda famous, and everyone should know it, but maybe You haven’t started really playing it because You didn’t have a account and didn’t want to invest any money, so here we come to help. Finding a free minecraft account that works and will let you play this game without interruption is one of the best feelings that you can have in a day. You know that you just got something for free that costs money and found something that many people have searched for over a long duration of time.

Once you log into the amazing world, you can check out some of the awesome structures that people have built and display all over the place. A free account from this community will help you find ways and give you guides to build a huge house that you will be able to work in and mine minerals the provide the ability to add onto your house and make it more of an attraction to the other people who play this game.

Very few games have ever allowed users to control the dynamics of the world quite as much as Minecraft does. This allows you to design living spaces, sculptures, even create simple switches and calculator systems. Looking over YouTube for videos of sculptures and buildings, you will come across a wide variety of things, some of which took their creators hundreds or thousands of hours in order to create. There are a few options that multiplayer servers can employ which makes the game more enjoyable for people as well.

Remember that before you start your gaming you should update your version of minecraft that will be useful beforehand because Sometimes, the owner or admins on servers can make the time of the day change, usually making it morning again as soon as it becomes night, thus enabling most people to continue working on whatever they are working on without having to worry about in-game monsters that can potentially kill them, and the lack of light that comes along with the night period in the game.

A few interesting facts about this game is that it was created by Mojang and became available on Xbox 360 on May 9th, 2012. It works on PC as well as Android platforms so wherever you are, you can play minecraft. There are also two different ways that you can play either single player or sandbox which is essentially multiplayer because you can play with people from around the globe anytime of the day or night. A premium account from our generator will get you out of paying the $26.95 that usually costs to buy an account and play. Luckily you were smart enough to find this website and use the chance to log into with a free minecraft account instantly without gimmicks or scams like all of the others site found throughout the internet. You can be absolutely sure to enjoy your minecraft account because after all it is yours to keep and use for as long as you decide to keep playing this addictive game.

How to Get Free Minecraft Account?

We are one of the few legit Free Minecraft Account providers on the world wide web. Our only purpose is to spread the world of helping others. Anyone is eligible for a free account as long as they are able to complete a short survey from our sponsors. Our website has been found with the support from various companies. The surveys that are made available to you are totally free to complete, so you will not have to spend a single penny of your hard earned money in order to get your account. We all think the same thing whenever we see something as being advertised online as free. We always wonder what the catch might be, if we’ll get inundated with spam emails or have to sign up for something that will ultimately end up costing us money. In this case though, we are genuinely offering you the chance to have your own free account. Here we’ll explain how to get it and show you why this is a genuine offer that is able to benefit a lot of people.

Our website is the home of the one and only Legitimate source of Free Minecraft Premium Accounts! With nearly 5 years of existence in the gaming industry, we can give you a 100% guarantee that you will be getting Daily updated premium accounts list with ease! You don’t need to spend any money just to play the game that you love – you can enjoy playing this game for free, Thanks To Our Minecraft Premium Accounts Generator!

Is It Like Minecraft Gift Code Generator?

Yes It is, the main difference is that our minecraft premium account generator can make free premium accounts for you, without any help of minecraft gift codes. Isn’t it Great Guys?

In most cases free accounts are normally considered as the most appropriate options to go for. The accounts are provided to anyone who is willing to own free accounts of their own which will enable them enjoy some quality game time. It’s easy to use your free time to earn Free Minecraft Accounts. If you already have an Account, then why not get one for a friend or a family member so you can both play this amazing game together?

Important Instructions

  1. Enter Any Desirable Username.
  2. Choose the Number of Accounts. (Max. 5 Allowed Per User)
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  4. After Verification You will Get Minecraft Premium Accounts!
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Here at FMA Guide we only offer high quality minecraft premium accounts. Not all people can afford to pay 26$ for an account, which is why we are here to help. Minecraft multiplayer is such a blast to play with friends or even players across the world! You don’t get the full experience of Minecraft until you get a premium account. Minecraft is an endless game full of possibilities for everything. You can either play creative mode and just build with your imagination, or you can do survival mode and prove to your friends you are the best! Minecraft Premium accounts allow you to do all of that, and much much more. Imagine owning your own free minecraft account and building your dream world, what you have always wanted to do!


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Our Minecraft accounts all come uniquely. We never give out the same account twice. Updating our minecraft account lists daily helps our users get updated with the newest minecraft premium account there is on our servers. We host giveaways every week to obtain your Own Minecraft Gift codes as well! Some people like to keep the same username they started with instead of getting a new one, and we completely understand. Free Minecraft accounts are easier for us to obtain, that is why we have an unlimited stock of accounts for them, but Minecraft gift codes are much harder to get so it is only a weekly giveaway. Our Minecraft Premium Accounts are yours completely once obtained. You can change the password, update the email address, anything. The account is yours to keep and we will never take it back.


At the end of the day, we are offering you daily updated free minecraft accounts with no strings attached but if you have any question please let me know and I will do my best to answer it in a timely manner. There are no hidden fees whatsoever. So Enjoy…!!!

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I can’t believe that my all accounts are working flawlessly. Thanks you for daily updated accounts!!! 🙂