Everything You Need To Know Before Playing Minecraft

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How to Mod Your Minecraft

Minecraft ModMinecraft is a video game that was designed by Markus Persson who was inspired by another similar game dubbed the Infiniminer. The game was initially expected to be very simple and so far it has incorporated a lot of features to make it one of the hottest games in the industry. Minecraft is an open ended game which allows the players to use their creativity to navigate through the levels. Those enjoying this game either have the original versions of the game installed in their PC. This account can be accessed at Minecraft Accounts which is an online company that is devoted towards ensuring that their subscribers receive the best offers in the industry.

A mod is provided to anyone who wishes to add more options to the game or entirely change the gaming world. To be able to install the mod you need to have installed Minecraft in your PC. In our website You are provided with the option swapping your points with an original version of Minecraft. This is how it actually works; first of all you need to register for a free minecraft premium account or a minecraft free account today.

Once registered you will given 100 points out of which you will be required to accumulate more. There is a given threshold of about 2000 points. Once the threshold is reached you will be given an option to either swap the points for an original version of Minecraft or any other game of your choice.

How To Install Minecraft Mod?

To install the mod, you just need to download any mod of your choice and the open your Minecraft. Copy the mod into the minecraft.jar and save it. Close your Minecraft and reload it so that the new mod can be activated.

Why You Should Create Your Own Minecraft Server

Minecraft serverMinecraft as a game has grown in its reputation to be able to attract the huge numbers of players. The ability to enjoy this game has increased its popularity amongst the gaming community. Minecraft can be played online or downloaded and installed via a PC. To be able to play this amazing game online, you need to either have a free minecraft account. With a minecraft free account you will be able to an unlimited game play time. In addition to this if your register for the free minecraft account guide website. you stand gaining from some of the amazing offers in store.

When playing Minecraft, you can actually create your own server which will bring more entertainment to you. Creating your own server gives you control over a number of aspects in the game. With your own free minecraft account and your Minecraft server you can actually regulate the maximum, number of players in any given game, choose the game mode to play and even choose the seed. By having your own server you essentially become a god in your virtually created world.

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The process involved in setting up your own server is very simple. As a matter of fact anybody can do it. You only need a PC that can support the game specifications and you are good to go. Some of the highlighted basic requirements include; a 1GB RAM, a java enabled PC, and about 300MB OF free space for installation. A dual core computer is normally considered the most appropriate but a single core 2.2 GHz processor can also handle the business.

After ensuring that your PC meets up all the specification, you only need to visit Minecraft.net and download the vital server software.

Benefits of Playing Minecraft Game

Benefits Of Minecraft GameCritics will say that most games are a bad influence to the players. This however is not the case. In fact playing games brings a lot of positive things to an individual. Minecraft is one such game that can impact someone positively.

Minecraft is one of the most popular indie games currently available in the market. Over the years, this particular sand box game has continued to intrigue many people with its simple but rather complicated nature. To enjoy the game, as a player you either need to have your own free minecraft account or a free minecraft premium account. This minecraft account will give you access to this awesome game that is actually taking over the industry.

A minecraft free account is normally preferred over the paid account as it offers a new player the platform he requires for mastering the game before subscribing to the premium account. You can get your premium account by registering at our website’s homepage. Regardless of whether you are enjoying the game on a free plan or a paid one, Minecraft guarantees utmost satisfaction.

5 Benefits of Playing Minecraft

  • Content stability – Minecraft is designed in a way that is suitable for all age brackets. Apart from the fact that the mobs may turn out to be scary for children, the rest of the content is age sensitive. As the holder of a free minecraft premium account, you get to enjoy material free of coarse language, nature, and drug references. The combat scenes that are available are in the context of survival and not just gratuitous massacres. Stability in terms of content is very vital in enhancing the positive nature of Minecraft. It ensures that only positive values are derived from the game. In a multiplayer setting where a player gets to interact with other players, there is always incidences where a player tends to use bad language to communicate. This can however be prevented. One only needs to run a private server where he can restrict some players.
  • Educational benefits in terms of reading and writing- when it comes to Minecraft and helping out with reading and writing, children are the beneficiaries. Starting from names of items in the inventories to the guides found online on wiki, Minecraft provides our children with another avenue where they can master their reading skill. When engaging in a multiplayer game, people get to communicate with each other through the in game text chat hence allowing them to improve their reading and writing skills.
  • Creative thinking – like in most games where an individual gets to enhance their creative thinking ability while playing, Minecraft is no exception. With your free minecraft account you get to undertake missions which will equip you with skills that can expand your creative mind. It therefore goes without saying that children who play this game more often usually end up with great minds capable of thinking outside the box.
  • Enhancing an individual’s social skills – multiplayer Minecraft game provides an avenue where player can interact with one another, share ideas and socialize with one another. As the player, you only need to set up a private server, invite a few friends to join your wish list and interact with them.
  • Technical ability – the game provides the player with an opportunity where they can learn some technical aspects about the game. From the time you register for a free minecraft account to the time where you get to set up your own server, Minecraft will ensure that by the end of the day you are at least equipped with some technical skills.  This way, the game helps to ensure that we raise a people that are techno friendly.

Benefits Of Using Minecraft In Your Classroom

minecraft accountMinecraft can be beneficial even in a classroom situation. There are a number of beneficial things a player stands to gain when engaging themselves with this game. Incorporating Minecraft in classroom is one of the most recent phenomena in the docket of game based learning. As a sandbox game, the game provides the player with an opportunity to build structures, fight off enemies and do some explorations in the vast landscape. The characters in the game are allowed to freely roam around while choosing objectives as they proceed with their adventure. It is this nature of Minecraft as being an open game filled with open possibilities and potentials that teachers can embrace.

Anyone with a liking for sandbox games can get a hold of a free minecraft account. Simply log in to your account from our website and you’re on your way to getting your free 5 minecraft premium accounts. With such a minecraft free account, an individual can learn more about the game both as a player and a student. Both the teachers and the students playing this game have the ability of improving their creative nature of thinking. The presence of the Minecraft tool created by teachers for teachers makes the application of this game in a classroom situation much easier.

MinecraftEdu is fully equipped with custom mod which a customized and modified part of the game that helps the teachers to use the game more effectively. To also help with this, the founder of MinecraftEdu, Joel Levin, also provides ideas and updates through blogs. Here are some of the useful ideas deemed essential when using Minecraft in the classroom.

Explore buildings in real life

Since the game involves building structures, there are a number of real life buildings that can be imported into the game for students to explore. Some of the already created structures that can be exploited include the Roman Colosseum, the global theatre and many more. By roaming around during the game, students get to literally see a three dimension replication of the buildings which in most cases are no longer there. You can have students creating their own models and using them as tools for presentations.

Help in learning about survival tactics

Minecraft can offer students with an opportunity where they can contextualize the concept of survival. This is achievable especially when playing the survival mode.  In this particular mode, you get to build and expand your world while at the same time being forced to face challenges such as hunger, collecting tools and other resources. Since players are encouraged to explore for them to be able to collect resources and process them, it poses as a motivation to learn components of survival and settlement.

Visualization and reading comprehension  

Being able to visualize any content that an individual has read is the best way of showing that they have truly comprehended. As a teacher, you can call upon your students to recreate scenes from the game or plot events and instruct them to give presentation and even make predictions on what is likely to happen next.

Helps in practicing ratio and proportion   

Minecraft can be very helpful when learning units about measurement and proportions. The game provides players with an opportunity where they get to build anything they wish. As a teacher, you can use this opportunity to get your students to create scale models when learning about these units. Apart from the scale models, components of social studies can also be incorporated to allow for cross curricular connection. Minecraft is therefore very helpful when applying the knowledge learnt from the technology arena into the classroom.


For this to work, you need to have objectives. These objectives should aid you during the implementation stage.

How To Create A Multiplayer Server On Minecraft

minecraft serverFrom what started as a rather simples sandbox indie game, Minecraft has grown to a whole new level involving the incorporation of even the multiplayer option. A multiplayer game allows a number of players to engage themselves in the fun of the game. Having an operational free minecraft account or a free minecraft premium account is always seen as an added advantage towards having a more enjoyable game play time. With a minecraft free account you can invite your friends to your place and enjoy the game.

The initial step towards creating a multiplayer server on Minecraft is to always own either a free minecraft account or a free minecraft premium account. With either of these two, you can then go ahead and easily create this multiplayer server. If you only have a minecraft free account, you will need to upgrade it to a free minecraft premium account if you have intentions of enjoying Minecraft with your fellow mates. With your new upgraded account, you can then go ahead and download the Minecraft Server Software and install it in your personal computer.

After successful installation, you need to run the program and enter the command “ipconfig/all”. This will show you your IP address. Note it down as you launch your browser. On your browser’ address bar, enter this IP address and press enter. Follow the on screen prompt until when your server is ready.

Minecraft Accounts offers you with the option of having a free account the can enable you to get a copy of your own Minecraft game or other amazing games on offer.

How To Create Your Own Minecraft Virtual World

Minecraft WorldThis is one of the benefits of acquiring a minecraft premium account. As a game, Minecraft involves players mining stones, crafting objects, protecting themselves and ultimately building humongous structures. As a user, you can either enjoy the game as a single player or engage a number of players.

After acquiring your own free minecraft premium account or your own free minecraft account, you need to spend some quality time getting a piece of the Minecraft action. With a functional account, you can be able to create a map that will guide you throughout your quest as you earn points. In addition to enjoying your game, a free minecraft account can earn you points which can be redeemed for real rewards.

To be able to create your own map you need MCEdit Alpha which offers the user with a 3D editing mode. Begin by downloading MCEdit Alpha and installing it on your personal computer. Go ahead and create a new world by opening MCEdit Alpha and accessing its main menu. After creating your virtual world you can then name it appropriately. Save the outcome. You have already created a virtual 3D world that will allow you to enjoy your gaming experience.

Everything about Minecraft is simplified whether it is registering for a free minecraft premium account and it is about creating your own virtual world. As a Minecraft enthusiast you should be able to complete these processes within an instant. Additionally you also get to be rewarded for opening an account with Minecraft Accounts. This is a very rare happening and majority of the Minecraft enthusiasts are finding this option as rather enticing and appealing. An individual can actually earn a shopping voucher to use it at some of the identified online shopping stores by simply registering for a free minecraft premium account at our Homepage.